Demo Submissions

We are actively accepting submissions for great compositions featuring our instruments, especially those that feature Soundiron instruments from this list. Check out our latest submissions!

Now send us yours! Just click on the DropBox below to upload to the playlist!

Send us your sounds

This is open to all of our customers. There are just a few guidelines:

  • You must use at least one Soundiron product in the composition and it must be strongly present in the mix.
  • You must be the copyright holder of the track or have written permission from the current owner granting us permission to use it as a demo.
  • You must own all of the software and sample products you used in the track.
  • By submitting your demo, you give us permission to use it as a Soundiron demo if we decide to use it. We don’t buy or sell your music. You keep full ownership, but permit us to use it as a demo for marketing purposes.
  • Please list the name of any Soundiron libraries you used to make the song. You can include the library names in the track description.
  • Demos can be in any genre. We love it all!
  • Since we get lots of submissions, please use our Soundcloud Dropbox above as a way of getting us your tracks.
  • We can’t feature every demo and may not be able to get back to you right away. Competition is fierce, so please understand that we won’t be able to use every submission.
  • The demo should prominently feature at least one of our instruments from the list below. Let it jump right out of the mix.

We make our selections based on a few key factors:

  1. How much of the arrangement is made up of Soundiron instruments and how well it highlights at least one of them in particular.
  2. It should have strong musical quality, creativity and professional production value.
  3. Most importantly, if your track simply kicks ass and we love it, we'll use it.

Now for the good stuff:

  • You will have your work featured alongside our products for maximum exposure, including a full artist bio on our Featured Artist page.
  • If you are really awesome and are able to write lots of great demos, we might choose you to be part of our beta team for upcoming libraries. That can mean exclusive early access to our latest creations and more public exposure as an artist.

Just upload your track to our Soundcloud Dropbox. Make sure to include contact info in the track description and list the name of the Soundiron instruments featured in your song, as well as any info about yourself you'd like to share.

  • Ambius 1 Transmissions
  • Anti-Drum Vol. 1
  • Anti-Drum Vol. 2
  • Bamboo Stick Ensemble
  • Bizarre Sitar
  • Bowed Bucket Bass
  • Bronze Bin
  • Clack
  • Cylindrum
  • Dhol Drums
  • Elvish Choir
  • Frendo
  • Granny Piano
  • High School Drum Corps
  • Holy Ambiences
  • Imbibaphones
  • Iron Throne
  • Kazoo
  • Kinderklavier
  • Laundronium
  • Little Epic Percussion
  • Little Pump Reeds
  • Luftballon
  • Luminabells
  • M1 Garand Rifle
  • PVC Beatbox Ensemble
  • Riq Drum
  • Rust Vol. 1
  • Rust Vol. 2
  • Shake
  • Tablas
  • Toy Glockenspiel
  • Water Harp
  • Whale Drum
  • Zitherette