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Our new store is live!

Welcome to our newly redesigned website. We've got great limited-time deals and a whole new way to shop, so have a look around and grab some awesome new instruments! From now until May 1st, take 20% off everything in our store! And don't forget to check out our new bundle upgrade option and the new Omega Bundle and 50% VIP Discount Plan. Visit the Bundle Pages for details.

Soundiron New Release!


Voices Of Rage (Coming Very Soon...)

Voices Of Rage is an aggressive death metal, hardcore and power metal vocal library featuring 4 talented screamers. It combines awesome vocal performances, powerful word and lyric building systems, tempo-synched phrase step sequencing features, multiple mic types, rack multi-FX and tons of cutting edge content and capabilities. It explores the raw, brutal and guttural vocal style that death metal is known for, in all of its roaring, screaming, hissing and screeching glory. Voices Of Rage is on sale for a super low intro price of only $89 until May 1st, 2014! Hurry, the price goes to $139 after the sale ends. Click here for more info and Check Out the demos!


Recent Releases


Apocalypse Percussion Elements

We've packed the raw power and performance of our mighty Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble into a Kontakt Player compatible solution for everyone! This efficient and potent scoring drum and cymbal collection focuses only on the close stage mic position and single-strike articulations with 8X round-robin and deep velocity layering to take you from soft to brutal. Built with performance and speed in mind, it provides our huge sound in a smaller footprint at a much leaner price tag. You still get the midi grooves, FX rack, megamixer and so much more. Apocalypse Percussion Elements - Kontakt Player Edition is available for only $99! We also offer an upgrade path to the full APE and a great add-on option for both new and existing customers. Click here for more info and Check Out the demos!


Circle Bells v2.0

Soundiron's Circlebells has been updated to version 2.0! Now weighing in at 5.47 GB, this fully overhauled library now features a full graphical user interface with multi-layer sound blending, performance shaping, mapping and tuning options, dozens of new ambiences and a multi-effects rack with dozens of custom convolution reverb impulses! The wonderful, melodic tuned percussion of Circlebells is available now for only $59. Click Here for more info and Check Out the demos!


The Beat Boxer

The Beat Boxer is a combination deep, multi-sampled percussion and solo vocal performance library. It captures the raw, urban human drum machine that is a beatboxer through a combination of multi-sampled round robin articulations and a variety of authentic performance loops. From kick drums to snares, robots to turntables and beyond, The Beat Boxer provides a fresh, organic and extremely playable instrument suitable for all composers. This hybrid multisample/groove library transforms the creative vocal art of up-and-coming East Bay beatboxer "JBox" (Jerry Girard) into a flexible and detailed virtual instrument. Grab it now for only $79. Click Here for more info and Check Out the demos!