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Save up to half off selected items through the end of December! We'll be rolling out another new deal every day, so check back often!

Sleigh Bells library free with all orders over $50!

This Sleigh Bells library features 4 different types of sleighbells and jingle bells, from tiny to huge, with 7 different mult-sampled articulations, dynamic velocity layering and 10x round robin. It comes complete with a flexible GUI that lets you dynamically mix and shape layers, add effects and create your own custom arpeggiation and sustaining bell shake rolls. Just add more than $50 in products to your cart and we'll automatically send you the Sleigh Bells library!


Little Epic Percussion - only $15

A complete toolbox of bright, vibrant hand percussion, bells and essential auxiliary percussion elements, recorded out in a lush, open hall... (Normally $29)


Musique Box - only $19

A comprehensive music box collection, with a wide variety of chromatically deep sampled wind-up music box styles and advanced sonic customization features... (Normally $39)


Water Harp - only $25

This Waterphone collection evokes classic tones of horror and suspense, with chromatic bow and mallet sustains and stabs, effects, swells, risers, sweeps, falls, stingers, tremblers, atmospheres and drones. Essential for trailers and sound design... (Normally $49)


Struck Grand Piano - only $39

A Beautiful Steinway Grand Piano gets prepared, plucked, hammered, struck, scraped, pounded, glissed, bent and choked. Loads of articulations and an amazing sound... (Normally $79)


Iron Pack 11: Penny Whistle only $3.99

A simple yet completely playable tin penny whistle flute library, with chromatic sustains (regular, vibrato, trill, flutter tongue), staccatos, riffs and ethereal flute atmospheres. [Kontakt and SFZ!]...(Normally $4.99)


Ambius 2: Systematik - only $49

Multi-layered morphing atmospheric synth engine, with uberpeggiation, step sequencing tempo-driven filters and effects. Built on 4.5GB+ of organic instrument, vocal and environmental source content...(Normally $99)


Cymbology - only $39

Massive cymbal and gong fx library with bowed stabs, resonant tones, long tortured wails, harmonic screeches, warbling falls, mallet rub effects and more. Excellent for dramatic scoring, bold transitions, dark moods, stingers and horror effects... (Normally $79)


Rust 3 - only $35

Booming, bass-heavy metallic impacts and melodic tuned metal percussion with a huge variety of sonic flavors and 3.5 GB of content. Excellent for dramatic boomers, stingers, trailers, sound design, industrial, and horror... (Normally $69)


Lakeside Pipe Organ - only $25

Grand pipe organ with 2 mic positions, thunderous bass, multiple stop settings and a righteously glorious tone... (Normally $49)


The Beatboxer - only $25

Fully playable human beat box vocal percussion with tons of drum and effect types, with playable multisamples, grooves, kit building, midi playback, 2 microphone choices and more... (Normally $49)


Montclarion Hall Steinway Grand - only $29

A glorious 7GB grand piano library with 3 mic positions, and it also includes an awesome collection of prepared pianos, string strikes, glisses, booming percussion, atmospheres and FX... (Normally $59)


Acoustic Saz - only $49

Huge Turkish guitar library with real true legato, auto-strumming, chording, apreggiation, fx rack and more... (Normally $99)


Zitherette - only $15

Awesome little lap zither library with a unique exotic twang.... (Normally $29)


New Releases!

Brad Hoyt's Harp Guitar Is On Sale Now! Save $30!

This truly playable multi-sampled 30-string acoustic harp guitar library lets you craft stunning leads, plucked and strummed chord creation, dynamic arpeggiation, auto-strum rhythm sequencing, glisses, string effects and body percussion, all with total real-time control. We sampled every nuance of this exquisite custom built instrument, with deep round-robin and velocity layering and total attention to detail. This unique instrument was commissioned by classical guitarist Brad Hoyt. Dubbed the "Arpa Viola Caipira", it was hand-made through a four year design process by master U.K. luthier Stephen Sedgwick. With a massive and lush tone, wide key range, rich bass and pristine highs, this mighty 11.8 GB, 4203 sample collection takes the entire concept of an acoustic guitar to new frontiers. Check out this promo video to hear the library in action and take a look at the GUI. It's priced at $129, but you can download it right now for only $99 during the intro sale! Hurry, this intro price ends after Dec. 31st!


Voice Of Gaia - Francesca Genco Premier Edition is on sale now!

Voice Of Gaia: Francesca Premier Edition delux package is on sale for $150 off right now! It includes the full library download plus custom vocal recording time with Francesca herself, recorded for you live from Artspoke Studio, with engineer James Boblak. All for only $599 till New Years Eve!

Her signature dark, evocative sound and dynamic style can been heard in countless soundtracks. This 6.7 GB library includes 8,300+ samples, true legato, sustains, staccatos, vocal effects, plus a deep collection of dynamic phrases with tempo-synch, key transposition, sequencing and real-time editing, all in a flexible, modern Kontakt interface. Click Here for more info and Check Out the demos!


Iron Pack 10!

We're proud to release Iron Pack #10: Tortue Amour! This latest edition is something very special! We recorded actual live mating calls of a pair of rare, giant Galapagos Tortoises. Let's just say that these ancient reptiles can be surprisingly vocal when caught up in the moment. We built it into a playable "tuned" percussion instrument with 8x round-robin and 4 velocities. You'll find a remarkable level of body and bass when pitched down, making it great fodder for creature sfx. We also used our secret sound design techniques to resonate, stretch, warp and sculpt the raw source recordings into 33 unique, useful and remarkably musical ambiences, textures, drones and pads. They're perfect for soundscape creation, dramatic underscoring, layering and building inventive melodic instruments. We've included an easy yet powerful interface and room & fx impulse options to give you plenty of freedom. The is the largest Iron Pack yet, with 350 MB and 66 samples at an unbeatable value. It's available now for only $4.99! Click Here for more info and Check Out the demos!