Soundiron Announces The Great Tortoise Trailer Contest!

Soundiron is holding a video composition and sound design contest with a grand prize of $300 in store credit. No purchase is necessary, anyone can enter and the rules are super simple! To enter, just download the short "behind the scenes" trailer for Soundiron's latest Iron Pack release, Iron Pack #10: Tortue Amour. You can use any audio/video editing, mixing and scoring tools and instruments you like to replace the existing music/sfx track with your own original score. Then submit your entry by uploading your customized version of the video to Youtube. Then click here to send us the link! The official winner will be chosen and announced on Black Friday, November 28th!

Click Here To Download The Video


New Releases!

Iron Pack 10!

We're proud to release Iron Pack #10: Tortue Amour! This latest edition is something very special! We recorded actual live mating calls of a pair of rare, giant Galapagos Tortoises. Let's just say that these ancient reptiles can be surprisingly vocal when caught up in the moment. We built it into a playable "tuned" percussion instrument with 8x round-robin and 4 velocities. You'll find a remarkable level of body and bass when pitched down, making it great fodder for creature sfx. We also used our secret sound design techniques to resonate, stretch, warp and sculpt the raw source recordings into 33 unique, useful and remarkably musical ambiences, textures, drones and pads. They're perfect for soundscape creation, dramatic underscoring, layering and building inventive melodic instruments. We've included an easy yet powerful interface and room & fx impulse options to give you plenty of freedom. The is the largest Iron Pack yet, with 350 MB and 66 samples at an unbeatable value. It's available now for only $2.99 through December 2nd! Click Here for more info and Check Out the demos!



Sick 5!

Sick Volume 5 is the latest entry in our annual Sick series, exploring melodic and exotic tuned plucked strings and mallets, unique winds and musical effects designed for sci-fi, horror and mystery genres. It also includes an extensive collection of evolving tonal ambient pads, atmospheric soundscapes, harmonic clouds and menacing drones. It’s also perfect if you just want fresh, unique musical sounds with an unconventional character and organic playability. It's available now for only $59! Now watch this very serious video about important things! Click Here for more info and Check Out the demos!



Voice Of Gaia - Francesca Genco!

Voice Of Gaia: Francesca is an all-new exotic female solo mezzo-soprano library featuring the esteemed vocal talents of Francesca Lilac Genco. Her signature dark, evocative sound and dynamic style can been heard in numerous soundtracks, evoking dramatic fusions of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian styles. This 6.7 GB library includes 8300+ samples, 2 mic types, true legato, sustains, staccatos, vocal effects, plus a deep collection of powerful melodic elements with tempo-synch, sequencing and key options, all in a flexible, modern  interface. It's available now for $139 . Click Here for more info and Check Out the demos!

We're also offering the amazing Premier Edition! In addition to the library, you also get 2 hours of custom recording time with Francesca herself, live from the studio in Berkeley, CA. She'll work with you to get the performance you need. You can direct the session in real-time by video or voice from almost anywhere in the world. Or send her sheet music, midi files or temp tracks and let her and her engineer James Boblak take it from there. You own the results, exclusively and royalty free. During the intro sale, this package is only $759! See the Premier Edition tab for more info.


Voice Of Gaia - Bryn!

Voice Of Gaia: Bryn is an exotic male Arabian, Southern Gospel and Operatic styled tenor solo vocal library, featuring the masterfully expressive and talented Bryan Lane (aka “Bryn”). While trained in operatic vocal techniques, his evocative performances draw from much broader and older vocal origins, in equal parts inspired by Middle-Eastern and American Spiritual and Southern Gospel musical traditions. In addition to 4 true legato types and chromatic sustains, round-robin staccatos and effects, this library offers several distinct phrase collections in a full range of root tempos and keys (with fully transposition and tempo-synching features). At over 6GB and 7816 samples, this library offers a stunning solo male voice with powerful emotional intensity, deep content variety and exceptional user flexibility. It's available for only $139. Click Here for more info and Check Out the demos!