Presenting Symphony Series Brass

The SYMPHONY SERIES BRASS COLLECTION sets a new benchmark for orchestral scoring. This two-volume set features ENSEMBLE and SOLO volumes, each offering a full suite of professional brass content within a masterfully designed interface. Created in close partnership with Native Instruments, with flawless integration for Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards, these state-of-the-art virtual instruments deliver unparalleled sonic depth and realism. The ENSEMBLE library offers a massive 32-piece brass ensemble. Control fully independent Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, and Tuba sections with eight players each. At the head of each section, the SOLO library gives you First Horn, Second Horn, Bb Trumpet, Tenor Trombone and Bass Tuba soloists. With over 45,000 samples, unparalleled quality and exquisite detail, this collection is comprehensive.

  • Two complete libraries: Solo and Ensemble
  • 37-piece brass orchestra
  • Including 4 full sections of 8 players each
  • 5 soloists: Trumpet, Trombone, 1st & 2nd Horns and Tuba
  • Powerful lows and soaring highs with extended key ranges
  • Over 100 chromatic articulations in each library
  • Lots of Orchestral brass effects to add dramatic realism
  • A clean, elegant interface to accelerate your workflow
  • Efficient RAM, CPU and Disk-streaming optimization

DETAILED REALISM • The Dynamics knob allows you to create expressive, real-time performances, intelligently blending across the dynamic range for dramatic tonal shifts. Shape your performance with Smooth Dynamics, Attack, Release, Tightness, and Motion controls. Each ensemble section offersmulti-layered true legato with fluid dynamic blending. The soloists provide detailed and expressive long-form true legato.

EASY CUSTOMIZATION • The Symphony Series Brass libraries adapt to any workflow. Assign articulations to key switches quickly and easily. Articulation types are color-coded for fast recognition.

COMPLETE MIX OPTIONS • Open up the mixer page to craft the perfect blend of stereo master, close, mid, and far microphone positions. With individual loading, volume and output routing for each position, you have full control over your mix. In addition to volume control for each section and mic position, you also get independent pan sliders for each section and soloist. We recorded the players at center stage, in a wide, well-balanced stereo field allowing Symphony Series Brass to fit seamlessly in any genre, style or mix.

Working closely with the Native Instruments design team over a 2-year period, we built this masterpiece of sonic engineering from over 50 hours of recordings at our favorite San Francisco cathedral. We captured each brass section and soloist with 14 premium microphones and pristine preamps, mixed down to 4 gorgeous blends: close, medium, far and stereo master. Symphony Series Brass brings you an amazingly detailed and powerfully rich sound, with high dynamic range, clean fidelity and stunningly vivid acoustics.