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On Sale!

Artist Bundle
Kontakt Player
$ 549 $ 449

Our Artist Bundle is a collection of virtual instruments designed in collaboration with musical minds like Bart Hopkin, Mimi Page, Blake Ewing, David Oliver, and more. Some products are compatible with Kontakt Player, while others require the full retail Kontakt 5.5 or later.

Rhythmic Origins
Open Format
$ 119 $ 89

Rhythmic Origins is a comprehensively multi-sampled catalog of UK percussionist David Oliver's globe-spanning collection of rare, specialty, ethnic concert drums and hand percussion instruments. This massive library captures 73 different percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes offering a variety of primary and effect articulations.

Struck Grand Piano
Open Format
$ 69
This prepared Steinway 1926 Parlor Grand explores unusual piano string articulations like string hits, plucks, scrapes and more. It shines as both tuned percussion and a massive stringed zither, with a broad pitch range, dynamic response and complex character.