Olympus Collection represents the most detailed choir sample library available, with sonic power and playability that is unrivaled. It offers a superior range of detailed articulations, robust sonic presence and natural true legato, all at an incredible price.
The Mercury Symphonic Boy Choir is the single most comprehensive, playable and deeply-sampled children's choir library available anywhere. Our GUI offers a custom adaptive phrase-building system, and our Wordmaster system, an articulation sequencing tool.
This professional symphonic choir library is designed for epic cinematic scoring and dramatic trailer composition, packed with a huge mix-ready sound. It offers an epic cathedral sound, classic vocal articulations and an intuitive GUI with sound-shaping tools.
Olympus Choir Elements
Kontakt Player
$ 99
This powerfully configurable choral library contains both men and women divisi sections with 8 core vowels and standard articulations. You'll find true legato in the "ah" and "oo" vowels, and a variety of classic choral effects, shouts, whispers and more.
Olympus Choir Micro
Kontakt Player
$ 39

This is the introductory and lightweight pack for our mighty Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection. It includes full men's and women's divisi sections, "Ah" and "Oo" vowels, pads, custom designed FX, Latin and Slavonic chromatic poly-sustain chants, and more.

Mercury Elements is an exquisitely recorded boys' chorus, handpicked from the most essential parts of our comprehensive Mercury Symphonic library. It includes sustains, staccatos and lush sound-designed choral atmospheres and pads, wrapped in an intuitive GUI.
Mercury Boys' Choir Micro
Kontakt Player
$ 39
This is the compact starter edition of our acclaimed Mercury Symphonic Boys’ Choir library. It includes loud and soft versions of sustain and staccato “Ah's” and “Oo's,” as well as two syncable word articulations from Christian liturgy, “Kyrie” and “Eleison.”
Made for professional scoring and arrangement, this powerful and exquisitely-recorded 33-voice female choral library offers unbeatable value, with superior range of detailed articulations, robust sonic presence and true legato fluidity at an affordable price.
This 30-voice male choral library is designed for professional film and TV scoring, symphonic arrangement and production. Mars offers unbeatable value, with detailed articulations, robust presence and excellent true legato fluidity at an affordable price.
Elvish Choir
Open Format
$ 7
Elvish Choir is a pack of elven folk singing as an ensemble, with sustains and staccatos in various dynamics, perfect for holiday, comedy and parody music and those who are searching for fresh and weird source material for sound design and experimentation.