Iron Packs

Soundiron's Iron Pack series is a line of compact, affordable, unique and great-sounding virtual instrument sample libraries for Kontakt and SFZ.

Iron Pack 1 - Grand Piano is built from recordings cultivated from our award-winning Emotional Piano. This handy kit offers a beautiful collection of piano sustains, atmospheric pads and mutated hammer drones, with instrument presets for both Kontakt and SFZ.
Iron Pack 2 - Turkish Guitar is a playable introduction to our Acoustic Saz library, focusing on sound designed presets. It offers 11 beautiful atmospheric pads and mutated string pluck tones, with low memory instrument presets for both Kontakt and SFZ.

Iron Pack 3 - Metal Tones is a library sculpted from natural recordings we've made from a wide variety of resonant metal objects and surfaces. Flexible to all genres, it features tuned percussion and atmospheric instruments, including a metallic drum kit.

Iron Pack 4 uses symphonic children's choir recordings from our Mercury Symphonic Boy's Choir library. It includes dynamic Ah and Oo vowels (alto-soprano range), and also 11 sound designed presets that provide creative pads, synth leads and evolving ambiences.

Iron Pack 5 uses electric baritone guitar multi-sample recordings, with 12 plucked 6-string notes, pads and atmospheric instruments. The natural plucked sustain presets encompass the guitar's natural range, while the ambient presets take you to another world.

Iron Pack 6 includes chromatic sustains, phrases and pads created from the Indian Venu and Native American wooden flutes. The chromatic content and phrases are from our Little Wooden Flutes library, but the pads, FX and ambiences remain exclusive to this pack.

Iron Pack 7 features the operatic soprano Nichole Dechaine, with chromatic Ah vowel sustains and live performance phrases. The chromatic content and phrases are from our Voice Of Rapture series, but the pads, FX and ambiences remain exclusive to this pack.

Iron Pack 8 is built on a chromatically recorded water vase set, featuring a warm attack and crisp shimmery sustain. In addition to the main preset, there are also 11 unique ambient pads, leads and atmospheres created from the raw source recordings.

Iron Pack 9 was created with premium analog hardware, including an Elektron Analog Four and various filters, hardware signal paths and FX. Each custom patch was inspired by classic vintage sounds, with the warmth you'd expect from analog synthesis.

Iron Pack 10 is a unique animal vocalization, sound designed library recorded with a pair of mating Galapagos Tortoises. It includes 4 dynamic layers and up to 8 round-robin, and 33 unique evolving ambiences, atmospheric textures, drones and pads.

Iron Pack 11 is a chromatically sampled alto tin penny whistle, a classic folk instrument in the fipple flute family. It offers standard sustains, vibrato, flutter tongue and trills, staccatos, short performance phrases, inspiring atmospheres and soundscapes.


Iron Pack 12 brings you a range of prepared acoustic guitar string plucks, modified with metal wires, scraps, nuts and bolts. It includes 14 different synth leads, ambiences and evolving atmospheres that we sound designed from these highly distressed strings.

Iron Pack Bundle
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$ 39
Iron Pack Bundle is our line of compact, affordable and great-sounding virtual instrument libraries, featuring simple yet handy instrument sets. They're great entry-level libraries for beginners, and awesome little creative seeds for professional composers.

Cyborg Bytes was created with a variety of digital synths, FX chains, happy accidents, and unique bleep bloops to bring you 10 futuristically fun electro-percussive kits and ambient drones. Allow Minim, our robot DJ, to guide you on an aural exploration of Phat Beat City.