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Soundiron Session

Craig Peters walks you through how he wrote this epic trailer style cue.

Rhythmic Odyssey

massive collection of drums, percussion and rare world instruments, with powerful, authentic and spirited performances

dynamic, unique & exotic

Whale Drum

Warm, rich tuned wooden mallet percussion with African roots.

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Voices Of Rapture

Soaring operatic soloists with glorious melodic phrases and a full range of lyrical and chromatic articulations for Kontakt Player

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Sonespheres 1: Distance

Achieve atmospheric bliss with this beautifully playable collection of instrumental textures and evolving tonal pads by composer Blake Ewing


The Elysium Harp

A pristine grand concert pedal harp for Kontakt Player with exquisite detail and absolute performance control that you won't find anywhere else.

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