Our most popular instrument libraries and product bundles.


This orchestral string scoring solution brings brilliant sound, vast content and adaptive performance control into one powerful package with 1st & 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses and a huge selection of long & short articulations, legato, portamento, dynamic expressions and aleatoric effects in 4 mic positions.

Kontakt Player Bundle
Kontakt Player
$ 599
The Kontakt Player Bundle is a collection of 13 premium Soundiron virtual instrument libraries that have been specially encoded for NI's Kontakt Player, Komplete Kontrol and NKS. Sitting at 79 GB, this compendium offers incredible content at a stellar price.
Olympus Choir Elements
Kontakt Player
$ 99
This powerfully configurable choral library contains both men and women divisi sections with 8 core vowels and standard articulations. You'll find true legato in the "ah" and "oo" vowels, and a variety of classic choral effects, shouts, whispers and more.
Hyperion Brass Elements
Kontakt Player
$ 99
At a game-changing price, this brass ensemble library features a forward and robust sound unlike any other. Its dynamic articulation list, time-saving management tools, and deeply customizable acoustics make it an exceptional tool in your next major project.
Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble is Soundiron's flagship epic percussion library, with over 25,000 samples of astounding sonic detail and playability. It's packed with nearly 200 articulations, flexible dual-layering, groove player, arpeggiator and custom FX.
Axe Machina
Open Format
$ 99

This powerful virtual electric guitar library is meant for pure metal destruction, featuring Craig Peters' custom Kiesel Aries 7-string. It offers open and muted notes and power chords, harmonics, scrapes, fretting, with filters, custom FX and auto-strum.

Emotional Piano
Kontakt Player
$ 149

Emotional Piano is our premier virtual grand piano designed for professional scoring, song-writing and symphonic orchestration. It's equipped with a huge selection of unique custom presets and FX patches to give you a wide range of sonic flavors and tools.

Ancient Greek Compendium explores the oldest roots of Western music with handcrafted strings, winds, and percussion instruments made of wood, gut, goat skins, conch shells, and bronze. These rustic artifacts capture the spirit of classical Greek musical craftsmanship.

Open Format
$ 19
Theremin+ is an advanced library based on the feel of the legendary Theremin, but with a wealth of additional sound-designed pads, leads and ambiences. The Glide knob allows you to turn this otherwise monophonic instrument into a full polyphonic sound tool!