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I have been writing since i could play, back around '88, in pursuit of a world of electronic deviance, sound design and pure synthesis. I studied all I could whilst my peers were doing more productive things like chasing girls and fighting. I’m happy to say I caught up on both during extensive years of gigging on multiple instruments in bands that rocked blues and added some acid to jazz. For over 20 years, it's been my aim to write music not only commercially viable but emotive, which is sometimes lacking in the storytelling of current music for media. I write for TV placement under the management of Couldb entertainment, under the wing of Ken Parks, VP of MTV. My pursuit for cutting edge sound design is often hampered by time constraints, so I found Soundiron on this journey and immediately struck a friendship with the like-minded SI team, who are clearly pioneering the way we think about modern sound design and creation. They make products that mix well and have a life of there own - an intensely hard element to infuse into a sampled world. I can add that missing organic touch on a platform that doesn’t bloat my PC, runs efficiently and intuitively - which is a must for my weekly TV demands. I’m proud to be part of the beta and demo writing process for Soundiron and a strong advocate for this growing company and the impact it makes on my music. This bio is brought to you in person and avoids any 3rd person/PA element. The key to making an impact and being a real composer is acting like one. Interacting with the world on a one-to-one level, another common feature I share with these guys. Take a listen to my work, demos and the stunning selection on there site and enjoy!!

Russell has written music for America’s Next Top Model, Bar Rescue, Animal Planet Swamp Wars, Project Runway/Accessory and more, and is a recent runner up in the G tech driven creatively competition. He's 1/3rd of the Bells & Wizards production team, writing for film trailers, game and promo work.

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