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I’m a self taught musician/composer living in London. As a child, I was very keen to experiment with sound - modifying the family piano, removing the frets from my first bass guitar and, much to my parents annoyance, taking all our clocks apart to see what made them tick. I play a wide range of instruments but my favourite is the ukulele. I’ve composed for many award winning programmes including Afghan Star (2 Sundance awards, Grierson award) and Baroque (RTS award). I’ve just spent the last year composing for a 52 part Aardman animation series “Canimals” already being broadcast in Australia & Europe with Disney Asia & UK following early next year.

Being a keen advocate of SoundIron, it’s a given that I’ve been using a wide variety of sounds from their libraries on most of my projects. Their deep sampling of unusual instruments & percussion is both innovative & extraordinary. More...

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