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“If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and white notes together” – Richard M Nixon. Politics and racial wars aside the man had a good taste in jazz music. After five years of Soviet classical piano school, which I mostly skipped playing video games at the nearby arcade, I was ready to be a film composer, or so I thought. I hated music school and I hated playing Beethoven's Elise and “Moscow Nights” fifty times a day, I just wanted to play what was in my head and not what somebody else had composed. Sound became my science and music became my passion. My interpretation of music is the opposite of silence, weird I know. A great piece of music defines that moment of silence that comes at the end, when you gasp in awe or shed a tear because Gandalf falls with the Balrog or Darth Vader says “Luke I am your father”. I love writing music because it is my passion and if I never get paid for any of my work I will still be doing it regardless.

Being a pianist, I was naturally drawn to Soundiron's Piano collection. Specifically, Emotional Piano and Montclarion Hall piano, which become my go-to libraries for almost all my piano needs, the majority of my compositions beginning with an Emotional Piano patch. When I first downloaded Mars I remember loading the “MM” vowel patch and playing with it for thirty minutes. There is no question that the guys at Soundiron love what they do, you can hear it in the quality of their products and innovative Kontakt programing… More...

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