Oliver Codd

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Oliver began his musical journey very early in life. Legend has it he was born with a guitarpick in hand… At age 3 he was already hammering out melodies on a toy piano and by the time he graduated from high school he was performing his original pop songs at major Chicago venues, including the House of Blues. Inspired by choral works while singing in one of Chicago’s premier choirs, Oliver began focusing on cinematic, orchestral and choral based music. Born at the dawn of the digital age, he quickly mastered the requisite skills to record, arrange, produce and mix his compositions. Currently he contributes his talents to multiple music production libraries and is making his mark in the trailer music industry. Additionally, he is a beta tester for Soundiron. Oliver uses Soundiron instruments in just about every piece he writes. Whether it’s for choral based music or experimental sound design, each instrument lends a strong character that adds greater depth and personality to his music.

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