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My experiments with sound started in early childhood, creating piecemeal cassette tape loop compositions. This quickly progressed into 10 years of classical piano training. Since discovering the power of PC music production and earning a Bachelor of Science in Media Communication & Technology along the way, I’ve been writing odd pieces of music under the name Precenphix for the better part of 15 years, on and off, and have found myself reinvigorated as of late. The good people of Soundiron first caught my attention when I was looking for a bank of prepared piano samples. Their Montclarion Hall Piano hit the spot. As a sound-obsessed individual, I really identify with their way of taking any sound source and beating it to absolute death. Whether the source material be something as everyday as a piano or something more exotic, such as dragging reeds of bamboo across a wet floor, their methods of incorporating subtle sound design into their libraries lends a level of versatility to their instruments, making them just as comfortable in an experimental piece as they would be in any traditional film score. Most recently, I’ve been using their libraries in a live capacity, but I can already guarantee they’ll be making their way into my future recordings. And soon…


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