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French composer Franck Rapp, who lives and works just outside of Paris, has composed and arranged four albums, from jazz, to house, to pop music, has a catalogue of over 150 pieces, and has created music for a variety of commercial clients including the Chateau de Versailles, a production of Romeo and Juliet, Braun, Batida, Pepsi and many others. He has also composed for theatre and film.

After researching several companies to find special and unusual sounds, I finally turned to Soundiron, because more of the sounds are unique than those in other sound catalogues. All the others are pretty much the same; hip-hop sounds; electro synths, synthetic moods, etc. Soundiron has different sounds than the others, and this really helps me in my work. I can honestly say that since I have known Soundiron, most of my music productions are made with one or more of their sounds. More...

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