David García Díaz

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I'm a musician who falls between the composition and the piano performing worlds, with and increasing interest into sound design. I start playing piano lots of years ago, when I was 8 or so, till almost finishing my piano career. But I discovered computers, synths, sampling, technology, and my world changed. I never finished my piano studies and music will never be the same for me. In the present days I make music and sounds for video games mainly, and I'm in love with it. I think we are all in a very special sound era. We can connect with sound in every way, and we can create not only the musical notes but also the sounds. We can create the sounds and make worlds of it. And here Soundiron excels.

They gift us with very personal stuff, very well recorded, and with lots of breathing/life/love inside. Here I want to talk a little about the Emotional Piano. For me it´s a treasure on his own. Well recorded, with a very balanced sound, deep, rich, it makes any musical idea flow easy from mind to time. It´s so easy to simply sit and play music with it, and feel like you are playing a very unique piano. I'm very thankful to Soundiron for crafting this piano library.

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