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Pasi Pitkänen is more than just a man from Finland with video game and movie addictions. He is also a professional composer and sound designer with versatility and passion. Pasi started to explore the worlds of video games and movies at an early age. He spent most of his free time playing Commodore 64, Amiga, PC games and watching movies on VHS. It was through these activities, that he would discover the realms of audio. It was the late 90's, when Pasi began to compose music with tracker software. During those years, he experimented and created songs in various musical genres, ranging from electronic to rock. He also played the hell out of his acoustic drum kit and bass guitar. Through self education, studies and music projects, Pasi has gained great knowledge in recording and processing both live and sampled instruments. With this background, he is capable of producing high standard audio content for your project.

Today, Pasi works as a professional composer and sound designer, providing high quality custom made music and sound effects for films, games and other media. He also works as a beta tester/composer for sample library developers Sonokinetic, Soundiron and Nine Volt Audio. More...

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