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Roman RuminskiMy name is Roman Ruminski and I’m a young composer from Aachen, Germany. I started to play the guitar when I was 14 years old and quickly realized my passion for songwriting. Being heavily inspired by (industrial-) metal bands during that time, I founded my first band half a year after I grabbed my guitar for the first time. We played an industrial-metal-like style but I noticed that I couldn’t reach my aims in that constellation. Short after that, I found another band called „My Decadence“ that were looking for a second guitarist.
After joining in 2006 I became the main songwriter, second guitarist and second vocalist. Because of my obsession with soundtrack music by composers like John Williams, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, Alan Silvestri, Charlie Clouser and more, I often tried to mix orchestral parts into our songs but had never been able to get that sound I was looking for.We had gigs all over Germany and neighboring countries, released 2 EPs and played our mix of Thrash- and Death-Metal for 7 years. Unfortunately, we had to lay the band to sleep in late 2012 because we all started studying in different cities.

Having the dream of composing soundtrack-like music since a very early stage of my musical path, I finally bought my first orchestral library in March 2014. After playing around with it and composing some first little pieces, I started my project "Acherontic Dawn". This, for me, is like a dream come true because I’m now able to compose music in the style that I’m loving so much since I was a kid. I released two albums with my music till now and already had the chance to work on some first great projects.

One of the greatest opportunities for me as a starting composer was the honor to join Soundiron’s beta team this year. I see the products that manufacturers like them are developing with all their passion, as a wonderful way to find your way into this, for me, big new world of composing and, even more, to be able to quickly work on a high quality, professional level. I feel honored to now be a part of it.

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