Best Choir VST: Top 8 Realistic Sounding Plugins

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How To Make Electronic Music recently featured our Requiem Light Symphonic Choir (#2), Olympus Choir Elements (#4) and Mercury Boys' Choir (#1).


They had this to say about Olympus Choir Elements...

"All these powerful features make the Olympus Choir Elements VST more suitable for the music industry professional who wants a piece of software that enables them to have complete choral control."

They had this to say about Mercury Choir Elements...

"Again, similar to the other Soundiron elements, we see a multitude of audio elements ranging from built-in sound effects to sound-shaping parameters. These elements are meant to add an additional layer of sentimentality attached to the cinematic performance."

They had this to say about Requiem Light Symphonic Choir...

"If you’re looking to produce ever-changing melodies that shift from fine and detailed, to rich and loud, then this just might be your golden ticket."





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