Composing A Fantasy Style Track (Soundiron Session)

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Come along with us as we explore the creative process behind Craig Peters' fantastical piece, "A World of Wonder". Inspired by the enchanting scores of movies such as Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, Gamba, and Oz The Great and Powerful, Craig reveals the intricate steps he took to bring this magical track to life.

Starting with a simple piano sketch, Craig adds a touch of "magic" by incorporating delicate harp glisses. He then shows how to craft realistic solo violin phrases to further enhance the enchanting atmosphere. As the track progresses, he builds up a grandiose finale with an array of instruments, including strings, brass, choir, and woodwinds, to create a truly magical experience.

To achieve the final result, Craig also shares his tips on shaping dry samples with reverb, mastering, and more.




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