In The Studio with Derek Vanderhorst

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Derek Vanderhorst is a re-recording mixer with over two decades of experience, Derek has worked on over 130 feature films, episodic television, games and new media,  including in-house roles at Fox, Paramount, Universal, and Warner Brothers. He is also the owner of Summit Post Sound and has worked on projects like Hidden Figures, 300, No Country For Old Men and many more.

On this episode of In The Studio Derek takes us into his studio and talks about how he got his start in the audio world, projects he's worked on and what he enjoyed about them, the importance of finding a mentor and why he chooses to mentor up and coming mixers, challenges he faces as a re-recording mixer and dealing with picture changes. As well as breaking down a scene from Netflix's El Camino Christmas showing the process of mixing the dialogue, Foley and music together to get the finished product.
Clip from El Camino Christmas courtesy of Netflix
Additional music by Danny Cocke & Tino Danielzik

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