In The Studio With Frederik Wiedmann (Scoring Netflix's The Dragon Prince)

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Frederik Wiedmann



Step inside the studio of Film / TV composer Frederik Wiedmann as he shows us how he incorporates our Requiem Symphonic Choir, Emotional Piano, and Hyperion Strings Micro in the score for Netflix's The Dragon Prince.

EMMY- Award winning Frederik Wiedmann is one of the most diverse and professional composers in motion pictures today. With over 40 titles to his name in all realms and genres, Wiedmann has established himself as insightful artist with an enduring passion for film composition.

In this video Frederik takes you through his process for scoring the show "The Dragon Prince" currently on Netflix. Working as a composer for film and television requires you to have a fast and efficient workflow. Frederik has been developing his methods over the years which have helped him to work quickly. He also discusses the different instruments he likes to have around the studio including: Guitarviol, Seagull Merlin, Ukuleles,  various guitars, synths, percussion, and more.

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