Olympus Elements is now Komplete Kontrol Ready!

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Olympus Elements for Kontakt Player has now been updated to versoin 1.5 and now offers full Komplete Kontrol and native S-Series Keyboard hardware support. The update is free to all existing owners and it requires Kontakt version 5.5.1 or later.

To celebrate the update, we're putting the entire Olympus choir product line on sale for 40% off from now until Monday, September 26th, 2016!


Here's a little more info about each of our Olympus series of choral libraries for Kontakt:

Olympus Symphonic Choir requires the full retail version of Kontakt and includes both the Mars men's choir and Venus women's choir, with a full selection of Pure Vowel, Latin and Slavonic syllables, words and phrases. It includes multi-dynamic sustaining, true legato, marcato, poly-sustain, staccato articulations and a full suite of both classic and exotic choral effects. It also features SATB operatic soloists. It's only $329.40 (normally $549)!

Olympus Elements is a Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol ready library that simplifies the content into just the multi-dynamic pure vowel sustains, true legato, marcatos, staccatos and classic vowel-based choral effects, with separate men's and women's sections for each articulation type, as well as unified full ensemble chorus presets to make choral composing a breeze. It's now on sale for $59.40 (normally $99)!

Olympus Micro is a simple beginner's choir library with the same amazing sound you'll find in the Elements and full versions of the library. It has Ah and Oo pure vowel sustains and staccatos, with presets for men's, women's and full ensemble configurations. It also includes unique creative FX presets and customizable UI controls, reverb and simulated legato to shape the sound and create excellent results, all with a tiny price tag. It's on sale for $17.40 (normally $29)!

Olympus Mike-Ro is a fun little solo Tenor vocal mini-library with many of the same basic chromatic polysustains, recorded in the same hall as Olympus and featuring the voice of our own Mike Peaslee. It also includes great creative FX presets and a flexible and fun UI.  It's just $3 (normally $5)!

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