Sample Library Review First Look: Sonesphere 3 - Current by Soundiron

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"I love what Soundiron & Ewing are doing with the Sonespheres series! This library will be a welcome addition for anyone creating underscore or looking to add a fresh, atmospheric set of playable sound designed instruments into their tool kit." - Don Bodin (Sample Library Review)

Soundiron has teamed up once again with composer/sound designer Blake Ewing for another sample instrument in the Sonespheres series. The series has been focused on unique sound-design instruments. Sonespheres 3 delivers atmospheric and evolving soundscapes playable as tonal instruments that are perfect for adding depth, texture and emotion to underscore ambient music.

The new library is curated and designed by Blake Ewing and it is his taste and personal touch that makes this collection shine. I am a huge fan of this kind of half-sound design, half-tonal instrument kind of instrument. I personally have gravitated toward mixing electronic and acoustic timbres in my composition and am loving the temperament of this collaboration.

This specialty library is going to loved by music makers whose temperament and taste align with that of Ewing’s curation. I love this Blake Ewing and Soundiron collaboration, so much so that I had to stop my first look 4 times to capture ideas I had while checking out the library for the first time.


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