Simeon Amburgey Soundiron Showcase: Desk Bell, Orrville Pipe Organ & Delphi Piano #2

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"Soundiron continues to create very interesting instruments that take you from the traditional to the otherworldly. These latest instruments are a lot of fun and Soundiron takes them even further with their creative sound design patches and effects. " - Simeon Amburgey


Prepare to be dazzled by the awe-inspiring musical prowess of Simeon Amburgey as he unleashes a symphony of sounds using the freshly enhanced free library of Desk Bell, Orrville Pipe Organ, and Delphi Piano #2: Knightsen Box Grand Piano. With masterful finesse, this virtuoso keyboardist unveils the instrument's boundless capabilities, exploring a kaleidoscope of features, ambiences, and presets in a breathtaking playthrough.
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