SoundBytes Review: Cinemania – Soundiron Voice Of Gaia: Strawberry and Bryn

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Voice Of Gaia Strawberry and Bryn are two solo voice vocal libraries from Soundiron that both run only with the full version of NI Kontakt. I’m the happy owner of many choir libraries, also having a few different solo voice libraries, but I was totally hooked when I heard the Strawberry demo for the first time. Same happened with Bryn. All solo vocal libraries have similar sorts of limitations: you need to combine prerecorded short melodic phrases with some legato vowel sustains to get realistic results, which is rather time consuming, and you are always forced to make some sort of compromise. Strawberry and Bryn have two advantages that make them stand out from the line-up of similar products. The first one is a really big number and

The first one is a really big number and variety of prerecorded phrases. They come in various keys, they can be automatically time-stretched to fit the tempo of your song, and, the best part, you can select the starting point of a vocal phrase using just a desired part of the whole phrase, along with setting the pitch with the implemented pitch shifting option. The number of included keys and phrases allow you to get along with fewer compromises than is usually the case with all those solo voice libraries. The second advantage, the one that makes me get these libraries in the first place, is the fact that both Strawberry and Bryn, as those are names of the vocalists, have absolutely divine voices.

With various legato vowel sustains you can build some nice sounding background phrases, while those prerecorded phrases can add this true spirit of live, real performance that could make your instrumental track sound more organic. I can easily imagine how those divine voices could work wonders on some chillout tracks, same for cinematic, movie, games, advertising and all other sort of media compositions and also for most other electro EDM genres.

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