Soundiron Podcast Episode 5 with Misha Mansoor from Periphery

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Misha Mansoor is best known for being the guitarist and founding member of successful progressive metal band Periphery as well as other projects like Haunted Shores, Four Seconds Ago. His love for gear and work ethic has led him to work with some companies in the game like Jackson Guitars, Bare knuckle Pickups to him starting his own business ventures with Getgood Drums and Horizon Devices. Misha gives us some of his thoughts on being an entrepreneur, Why he chooses Cubase to be his DAW of choice, How he uses our Olympus Symphonic Choir libraries, song writing and much more.

In This Episode:

- Misha Gives Us Some Thoughts On Being An Entrepreneur

- Why He Chooses Cubase To Be His DAW Of Choice

- How He Uses Our Olympus Symphonic Choir Libraries

- Songwriting Tips And Getting Out Of Writers Block

- Wanting To Some Day Be A Video Game Composer

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