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We've updated Apocalypse Elements for Komplete Kontrol & S-Series Keyboards!

We've worked with Native Instruments to bring you a brand-new update for our powerful Apocalypse Elements for Kontakt Player. This new version is NKS-ready for integration with Native Instruments' KOMPLETE KONTROL software and hardware. Experience intuitive and seamless browsing and control over important instrument parameters. This new version of Apocalypse Elements also makes extensive use of the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboard's Light Guide feature, which lets you see keyswitches and active key ranges right under their fingertips. The update is free to all existing owners and it requires Kontakt version 5.5.2 or later. 


Existing owners of Apocalypse Elements Player Edition will be receiving their free update by email within the next few days. 


Soundiron Apocalypse Elements for Komplete Kontrol

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A.P.E Micro - a potent taste of epic percussion at a bite-sized price!

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Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble Micro is a brand new compact starter edition to our acclaimed Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble library. This heavy cinematic drum library features a total of 28 hard-hitting ensemble articulations, including 6 concert snare drum sets, 5 large tom sets, 7 bass drum sets, 4 Indian Dhol sets, 3 Turkish Doumbek sets, 1 Irish Bodhrán (frame drum) articulation, one Egyptian Riq and a Greek Daf articulation, so you have access to a broad range of powerful sounds to create with.

Each articulation we performed by an ensemble of each drum type, ranging in size between 3 and 6 players in unison, for a massively epic sound. Each articulation sound set has 4 - 12 dynamic velocity layers and 2 round robin variations per note. We captured these instrument ensembles in the same bright, open hall that we recorded our legendary Olympus Symphonic Choir, Mercury Boy’s Choir, Montclarion Grand Piano, Struck Grand, Tuned Artillery and many other Soundiron libraries. the space and wide large-diaphragm close mic array give these drums a potent and aggressively open sound, with just the right touch of transparent natural reverberation.

APE Micro has a simple and intuitive user interface with full articulation control, modular kit-building, dynamic arpeggiation and customizable FX routing, with over 100 real-world and special effect convolution spaces. The Kontakt presets in this library all require the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or later, or you can import any of the nearly 400 drum samples into any wav-compatible program you like.

And right now, new APE Micro owners can apply their full APE Micro purchase amount toward an upgrade to Apocalypse Elements or the massive, 25GB Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, making this a great introduction to the world of APE. Email us now for your upgrade details.

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Save up to 40% Off our full line of Apocalypse Percussion libraries!

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Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble is our industry-leading epic percussion juggernaut, weighing in at nearly 25 GB and over 25,000 samples. It features more than 40 drums and close to 200 articulations, captured in a large, bright hall with ultra-close, medium and far mic distances. Each articulation is recorded with deep dynamic layering and 12 round-robins per velocity. You’ll find thunderous ensemble and solo drums of all sizes,  a huge selection of cymbals, midi groove system, custom kit mapping, apreggiation, a full FX rack and total UI control over every performance detail. It supports the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or later. It's on sale right now until Sunday, October 23rd for only $149 (regularly $249)!!


Or grab Apocalypse Elements for the free Kontakt Player for Only $59 (normally $99)! We've got more details on the Komplete Kontrol / S-Series NKS update for Apocalypse Elements coming soon!


And our latest release, A.P.E. Micro is on sale now for just $19! This compact starter-edition that features a hand-picked selection of 28 hard-hitting ensemble articulations, each with 4 - 12 dynamic layers and 2 round-robins per velocity. It supports the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or later. Check out our naked A.P.E. Micro demos and videos!


And right now, if you own A.P.E. Micro or Apocalypse Elements, you can get full purchase credit toward your upgrade to the full Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble. Contact us for upgrade details now!



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Cinemania Review: Requiem Light, Mercury Elements and Olympus Elements

Posted by Jan Hoeglund on

All three libraries come with a large number of controllers. Some things can be controlled directly, while some others can easily be set by assigning any parameter to a hardware controller. But to tell the truth, all three are very well preprogrammed, so you will not need many additional tweaks to achieve great results. All three come with specific sounds and some unique elements, so for me there is no possibility that one library can be a substitute for another. Of course, Requiem Light is absolutely unbeatable and irreplaceable for score music, while Mercury and Olympus Elements can easily find its place in all sorts of arrangements and all genres. I’m not using pads anymore. Whenever there is a need for pad sounds, I would much rather put in some choir instead. It sounds much more impressive – period.
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Olympus Elements is now Komplete Kontrol Ready!

Posted by Mike Peaslee on

Olympus Elements for Kontakt Player has now been updated to versoin 1.5 and now offers full Komplete Kontrol and native S-Series Keyboard hardware support. The update is free to all existing owners and it requires Kontakt version 5.5.1 or later.

To celebrate the update, we're putting the entire Olympus choir product line on sale for 40% off from now until Monday, September 26th, 2016!

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