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Instead of writing about myself in the 3rd person (which seems to be a prerequisite for being a composer) ... I'll just tell you what I do, as me. You may already recognise my name as I provide a bunch of sample devs with my downloader system (, including Soundiron. I also compose for film/TV and produce music for other things (like bands and whatnot). I've had the privilege of working with David Arnold as mockup programmer (Narnia, Morning Glory), and Assistant Composer to Murray Gold on the recent Torchwood: Miracle Day series. I've composed on BBC shows and for TV ads, and also tutor other composers in orchestral mockup techniques. Emotional Piano is one of my favourite tools, and I practically use it on everything. Soundiron products absolutely rock my world, and I use them everywhere I can, often as a starting point for sound design elements. I also use the M1 Garand Rifle lib as a way of scaring the neighbours (yes that's the correct spelling in the UK). More...

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