Marco Frydshou

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Marco Frydshou is CEO and founder of Chicago Sound, Copenhagen born composer and musician with with roots in a DJing background. Marco is a genre exploring musician, working with Cannes nominated international commercial, AD's, award winning music libraries, features, Doc's and underscores for international TV shows.

He's been Working his way up as a studio assistant while practicing audioengineering, classical piano, music theory and composition. He's absolutely in love with the epic realistic feel of Soundirion. Marco’s specialty is bridging classical composition and acoustic instruments with sampling and modern computer technology, combining several genres at a time. Also releasing records under Alias Mr. Chicago. His influences are wide and varied, among them Beethoven, Ennio Morricone and Debussy, Quincy Jones and Giorgio Moroder. Marco is an obsessed espresso drinking and gum chewing composer. He's scoring his first feature Danish thriller this following year. More...

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