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I wasted over a decade pursuing ‘careers’ before facing the inescapable: I’m meant to make music. Living in a regional area of Australia makes film and tv composing a challenge so for the near future the focus is on library writing, specialising in cinematic and trailer music.

Though that often means more orchestral based music, I prefer to work from an electronica, industrial and/or world foundation and blend traditional instruments in. Soundiron samples are perfect for this, not only are they interesting and unique to start with, but run the sounds through creative FX and there is no horizon for the range of sonic material that can be coaxed out of the libraries. There is one Soundiron instrument I don’t mess around with because it can’t be improved on, and that’s the Emotional Piano. But maybe tomorrow I’ll see how it goes with some tube saturation, a touch of grain delay, some... More...

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