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Lincoln Jaeger Lincoln's claim to fame is almost knocking over the Queen at Buck House whilst doing a brief student job there (this is true, the lady is very short, and he is not, so he simply didn't see her). But alas the end of the British Empire was averted and Lincoln returned to playing jazz in dingy bars in London - no Queens in sight there, unless you dropped into Soho (plenty there). An interest in ethnic music saw him doing a Masters (or should that be Master's or Masters' - I never know) in the completely unpronounceable subject of Ethnomusicology. It impresses people (the wrong sort) at dinner parties. Armed with two degrees and no money, he decided to set up a digital sheet music website: where he somehow found himself having arranged 4,000 pieces of sheet music. He also found himself writing more and more production music. Not content that life was stressful enough after the arrival of this first child he decided to set up a trailer music library, imaginatively called, but the thing won't launch properly until mid-2012 (too busy changing nappies at the moment).

I love using Soundiron plug-ins because they sound so great on my pastiche Kenny G projects. But seriously, Mike and the Mechanics at Soundiron have managed to record the samples with such warmth and dynamism, that they give every track of mine a super-charged rhythmic musical steroid infusion. More...

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