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So you can stop reading this and get back to composing or making films for me to score, I’ll make this short and sweet. I am 21 years old and have been playing piano for 11 years. Aside from composers like Hans Zimmer, I am influenced by progressive elements as found in bands like Dream Theater. I am a self-taught piano player, not pianist, as the term seems to always come with penguin tails, a powdered wig, and the Fur Elise. I am not that kind of musician. I can be just as content with one or two emotional notes in a measure as I can be with an intellectually composed flutter of notes or cerebrally exhausting runs if they make sense in the piece. I see music as (artisan warning) a gateway that allows you to peak into heaven or hell where you can “oo” or “ah” as the music allows you a glimpse into the untouchable. It will never allow you to enter it, but it will take you right up to its gate, and it will lead you away — frustrated that you cannot attain or live in the place where it has taken you. It is out of this frustration that we find our need to compose another gateway — another window — to witness the incomprehensible.

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