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Brad Stark is a composer for video games, film, and other media. Prolific and versatile, Brad has over 20 years of music writing experience. An emerging composer for media productions, he is classically trained in piano performance and composition. Composing music and playing the piano since the age of 11, Brad has composed music for video games for platforms such as iPhone, PC, and Xbox360. Comfortable with a variety of styles and genres, he has diverse influences ranging from classical composers such as Chopin, Rachmaninov, and Scriabin to contemporary composers for media. Brad writes in a musical language that favors colorful harmonic progressions, emotional moods, and a unique style which blends his diverse pool of influences.

In addition to being a composer and pianist, Brad has developed and refined his unique, classical style of improvisation at the piano since his teenage years. Described as "Classical piano-perfection" by journalist and music writer Thomas L. Raukamp, Brad has been recording his piano improvisations with acoustic piano and Soundiron's "Emotional Piano" since late 2011.

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