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Tim York My father was a comedian - comedy is all about timing, right? So I inherited this and by the age of 8 had developed a keen interest in music. I started piano lessons, then lessons in drumset. I worked hard on my drumming skills and turned professional when I was 22. Around the same time I began to explore the world of electronic music, which was an instant love affair. With an eclectic approach, encompassing a passion for rhythmic layering and an ear for delicious sounds and harmony, brought together by countless hours in the studio, I create tapestries of pure sound and rhythm. Resonating journeys into the primordial space in which everything resides. I am also fascinated by the healing and ceremonial potential of music. I have an array of alchemically produced bowls, bells and gongs, together with other shamanic instruments, which I use and sample to create layered acoustic sound journeys into the divine mystery of matter. Soundiron's instruments are extraordinary and I and love using them in my productions. The sound quality is superb and I sense there's a very positive spirit running through the company.

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