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Hailing from the Southern United States, inspired by the gospel piano playing of my mother and the rebellious guitar driven rock n’ roll that was forbidden in my youth, I’ve been inspired to write and play music in a variety of genres. I am by trade and training a filmmaker, and also incorporate my music into my visual work. I discovered Soundiron’s diverse library while completing the score for a feature length documentary, The Dragons of Jim Green, a journey into the fantastic theories of my granddad who postulates that an ancient reptilian civilization ruled the earth before Mankind. Soundiron’s diverse palate brought a rich trove of auditory oddities to this arcane story. Everything from militaristic boot stomps, to the screeching, painful cries of an unknown bowed monster, to an old granny piano in our theme song, to the shimmering ambient drones of cryptic transmissions, to the brash clash of a high school drum corps in our closing credits; Soundiron was the place I turned for inspiration. When I’m not scoring, you will find me behind the 5-strings of a bass guitar, holding down the low-end, in a rebellious rock outfit called Kostic Zoda in my new home of Munich, Germany. More...

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