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Bill Chelf ("THIS") has played Woodstock ('69) and Carnegie Hall with singer/ songwriter Tim Hardin. Recording sessions in New York and Nashville encompassed a wide cross section of bands and singers. An album,"The Teachers", was made with jazz giant James Moody in New York. A year was spent playing with Charlie Daniels in Nashville. Ten years were spent in Bermuda's major resort hotels, most notably with the Ghandi Burgess Orchestra. Lately, Bill has been at sea performing extensively with the Norwegian and Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines. Bill also produces THIS_hypnotic-ambient-space music. His work often includes Soundiron instruments. He has this to say about Emotional Piano, "this instrument sings_with it I can just relax, listen and play". CD's and MP3's can be accessed from his website His home is now Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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