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Tino Danielzik is an official Soundiron demo composerI am a German composer and write music for movies, commercials and concerts. At a very young age I became addicted to music. My parents had some vinyl records and I started to play them. There was also a filmmusic compilation record with a lot of film themes. Later I came in contact with my first movie, which is still my favorite movie and my favorite score, BACK TO THE FUTURE. The movie blew me away as a little child. I had always this theme in my head, it still captures me every single time.

As a teenager I started to learn playing the guitar in school and a few years later the piano, but I don‘t like to play songs that are already out there, I want to create my own stuff, new stuff, music that I‘ve never heard before. I started to improvise on the piano and I became very satisfied with my first results, from that point on I started to learn all the musical stuff like harmonies, instruments, etc... on my own, bought some computer equipment to write my first demos and made myself familiar with orchestrating and arrangements.

It is an honor to be a part of Soundiron's Beta Team. I love their products so much, they are very easy to use and every project of mine includes at least one Soundiron instrument. It is awesome that nearly every Soundiron product includes a SFX section with various pads and drones, these are my favorites, beautiful sounds and very flexible. Their passion for little details and manipulated sounds is the reason why composers like me will never be in a situation without any ideas. Soundiron IS creativity.

Click here to listen to his official Soundiron demo tracks on Soundcloud.

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