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Brad JerkinsBrad Jerkins is not only a self proclaimed International Male Model, he also works as a film composer, session musician, and producer. At the age of 4, Brad started playing the piano, followed by guitar and drums a few years later. He released his first instrumental album at the age of 17. In 1999, Brad was offered his first job as a composer for tv and film with a media company in Georgia. From there, more opportunities for session work as a piano/keyboard programmer arose. Brad gained access to some of the most renowned studios in the United States building a reputation for his skills as a player, programmer, and producer. In 2003, Brad signed his first publishing deal with the late Buddy Buie and Mike Clark. Over the next few years, he began moving back into film and tv as a freelance composer contributing music for various documentaries, short films, and advertisements.

He continues to work with bands and artists as a producer and writer. Currently, he is writing for music libraries that specialize in tv/film music. Brad is also an active beta tester and writes demos for several sample library developers including Soundiron and Impact Soundworks.

Throughout his life and career, Brad has endeavored to constantly broaden his horizons as a musician, composer, and producer. He believes that music is the one language that all can understand, and therefore transcend the barriers of culture, race, and age. And so, he feels a sense of responsibility to commit his best effort into every note.

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