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Bryan DusseauBryan Dusseau was born on March 2nd 1988. Coming from a family of non musicians, at age 13 he deeply desired an acoustic guitar for his birthday. At the moment of hard times in his life, he would sit at the end of his bed, pop in an instructional vhs tape, and learn some sloppy chords. After he felt that his limits were reached by himself, he decided he needed a professional to mold his talents. For three years, Bryan studied under his mentor once a week. At that time, Bryan mastered fingerpicking, slide, and improvisation. Then came a time where funds were an issue. Unfortunatley Bryan had to respectively leave his mentor. He had enough knowledge to learn from other players, books, workshops, classes, and other forms of teachings on his own.

Bryan took classes at the local community college, and learned theory, and the art of songwriting. He met some inspirational musicians, and professors. At the time, he had a passion for songwriting. He would always carry a notebook and pen wherever he went. Never knowing when inspiration would hit, he would be able to jot down the perfect line for his next song.

Another passion that grew in Bryan's heart was composing. He always dreamed of composing films and games he grew up to with his friends. He realized he would have to convert to recording on the computer, which can be very expensive due to all the software and instruments that are involved with composing. He still had his little old Tascam he recorded tracks of guitar to. But it was not enough to do what he wanted to in his head.

Many years later, Bryan met the love of his life, added a little guy to his new family, and was able to afford the dream studio that he wanted. This moment of his life, he finds himself dumbstruck. Getting paid for something you love doing is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Given Bryan's background of guitar, singing, songwriting, and passion, his current compositions have a unique sound. You can expect to hear hybrid orchestra, jazz, flamenco, beautiful orchestra, catchy melodies, and perfect emotions to match the screen. His abilities are getting noticed by more and more people. He is just on a whole different level.

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