Designing Music Now Review: Noah Bells and Alto Glockenspiel

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"In this review, we check out two new tonal percussion libraries libraries by Soundiron: Noah Bells and Alto Glockenspiel. Previously, we reviewed the incredible Soundiron Symphony Series Brass and Symphony Series Woodwinds.  As with most Soundiron libraries, these were recorded in the same large cathedral so that they all sit beautifully together in the mix. Noah Bells and Alto Glockenspiel are small libraries that can be bought very inexpensively. They are not limited, however, as you can extend them with tons of sound design capabilities that Soundiron packs into most of their instruments. They are MUCH more than their name implies, thanks to the extensive tweaking and exotic patches included in these libraries.


Soundiron continually releases smaller libraries throughout the year as they work on the larger Symphony Series and other big libraries. These are very nicely priced and full of capabilities, not only the core sounds but the rather infinite tweak abilities built with the engine.  With these highly playable and extremely useful libraries, one would expect to pay much more for such functionality and originality.  I personally would purchase these libraries for easily 3x the price!  A lot of props to Soundiron for creating these incredible libraries that are available to everyone."

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