Designing Music Now Review: Symphony Series Woodwind Ensemble and Woodwind Solo

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This is another fine library by Soundiron, and a wonderful addition to the Symphony Series.  Now consisting of Brass, Woodwinds, and Strings, this series will soon be one of my go-to libraries for realistic and cinematic orchestral pieces once complete.  The range of articulations, the powerful and customizable engine, the detailed recording process (for both the players and the engineers), as well as the chapel recorded in, are some things that make Soundiron libraries stand out from the crowd.  The only downside is the lack of dynamic vibratos (and perhaps the narrow range of duet mode/slurred legatos – i.e. 6 semtones.)  These small dings are offeset by tremendous “aletoric” expression patches. This brilliant library that will surely give you all the realism you need to bring your compositions to life!

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