Eliminating Writers Block With The Help Of MIDI Loops

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In this video you'll learn how you can utilize MIDI loops within Apocalypse Percussion Elements!



Sometimes creativity doesn't always strike. So when that happens a great way to get that spark back is using MIDI loops. Apocalypse Percussion Elements comes with 400 MIDI loops accessible from the GUI from composers Blake Ewing,Dirk Ehlert,Ian Dorsch,Johnny Knittle and many more. Drag and drop the MIDI grooves into your DAW and then rearrange them to fit your composition, or use it as a means to compose around. This makes composing with APE  that much easier.



If the groove isn't right, simply just delete it and drag in a new one! For musicians/composers who have deadlines and are running out of time, This can be a huge time saver.



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