Producer Spot Review: “Motor Rhythms” Kontakt Drum Library

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Producer Spot Review: “Motor Rhythms” Kontakt Drum Library

This time, I want to have look at a very unusual drum-set. Soundiron have a new and incredibly unique sample pack, made with the help of half music-man, half auto mechanic Jordan Hill. The sample pack is created entirely out of sounds from a massive variety of cars and their parts.

If you’re looking for a unique rhythm section in your next track look no further.

For this very budget friendly price (currently on sale for $ 49.00 – regular price $ 79.00), this library offers a very high quality of sound and flexibility. It is definitely very specific, but it’s range of usability is far wider than I though at first.

“Motor Rhythms” does not only provide great sound design material, it also works great as a layering tool for beats and percussion in less cinematic tracks. Given that it’s made by Soundiron and at such a good sales price it’s almost a no-brainer for me, to pick it up right away.

The Atmospheres Soundiron created are extremely well crafted and highly inspiring, and the value of having something so unique sounding in your tool belt, without having to do a recording session, is something that should push everyone over the fence.

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